Five Designer Fake Watches That Can Endure Hurricane Season

Aside from being a magnificent chunk of eye-candy, a robust timepiece will provide the time-telling functions you need in the event of a category five storm. Rugged, complicated timepieces are constructed to take a beating, whether it be 60mph winds or torrential rainfall. The climax of Hurricane Joaquin may be over, but connoisseurs can embrace their adventurous side donning timepieces that are designed to take on the action. Even when threatening skies approach, ladies and gentlemen can be on time with the assistance of a gorgeous timepiece they can depend on. To express our appreciation for tough replica watches, we’re featuring five high-end models that are designed to withstand nature’s demanding situations.

Need to be reminded not to forget your rain gear? The GMT alarm feature on the Swordfish Grillo Alarm GMT watch by Replica Graham will make sure you remember to grab it. Its function of sounding at the exact specification of time can act as a wakeup call or a reminder. The smooth, round case is made of stainless steel with a black dial specked with red elements. Even submerged in water up to 330 feet, this timepiece will indicate the date, minutes, seconds and hours.


Don’t let the dark, rugged design of the Marine Royale watch by Breguet fool you; it can tolerate rough waters and still remain unphased. This diver’s Breguet replica watches is equipped with a stunning unidirectional bezel that allows the wearer to time an event, although it is typically used as a safety feature for aquanauts to let them know when to come back up to the surface to avoid injury. Either way, the feature can come in handy in the midst of a typhoon. Also indicated on the stylish black dial are the hours, seconds, minutes and date, along with an alarm function.


Sporty and classic, the Maxi Diver watchws by Fake Ulysse Nardin is designed to outlast nature’s hard hits – even a flash flood. The chronograph feature lets the wearer measure a length of time, which can be useful during an active storm. It displays a black dial, 18K rose gold case and titanium crown. Its array of features include a 30-minute register, date aperture and luminescent hands that point to the hours, minutes and seconds.

Ulysse Nardin

The Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante 8 Days GMT Watches by Officine Replica Panerai has all the time-telling characteristics you need to survive a severe thunderstorm. The sleek design comprised of ceramic functions to indicate the second time zone, 24-hour interval, hours, minutes and seconds. The timepiece’s 8-day power reserve will keep it working for a little over a week in the event of a power outage. Other features include a single-button chronograph and seconds reset function.


Ladies can embrace bad weather conditions in style with the luxurious purple design of the Replica Easy Diver Ladies Jewelry watches by Roger Dubuis. Glimmering diamonds set upon the stainless steel bezel make this water-resistant timepiece emit a robust elegance. The dial boasts mother-of-pearl sectors and white gold Arabic numerals. Indicated are the hours, minutes and seconds.

Roger Dubuis

Hurricane season can be quite unpredictable, but the durability of your top fake watches doesn’t have to be. Whether you are chasing tornadoes, caught in the eye of a hurricane or climbing a steep mountain, these tough timepieces will keep you on track. Plus, they make a great accent for a fall wardrobe. Which robust watch design is your favorite?

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